Creative teppan-style dish Teppan BOO!

Teppan BOO! offers A5 ranked beef steak as well as a variety of creative teppan-style dishes. They especially provide chateaubriand steak at the most reasonable price in town. On top of that, their specialty “Baked cheese ball” is definitely a must try. Before they start baking the cheese, you’re asked to select your favorite cheese out of 7 options from 5 different countries. As a final touch, black pepper and olive oil are added to enhance the flavor of the cheese. This perfect cooking process is also one of the reasons why it’s very popular among female customers. Enjoy a luxurious moment at Teppan BOO! with your close friends or loved ones.

1F Maruiwa Building, 1-5-7 Nakayamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi
Telephone number
Opening hours
18:00 to 2:30AM (last call 2:00AM)
open daily
Average cost
5,000 yen to 6,000 yen
Credit card
accepted (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, JCB, etc.)
Cover charge
500 yen

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